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   Going 'outside' of Your Dating Agency

Leaving online dating behind and going 'face-to-face'.

Leaving online dating services behind and going 'physical' will advance the relationship forward faster towards finding romance and perhaps true love. Therefore aiming for a face-to-face meeting should be the primary goal of your internet dating.

You will find lots more about each other more quickly by using the phone than using electronic messaging provided by your dating agency. And certainly after your first meeting in person you will know if you 'clicked' or not. Even if the chemistry was not there, you had probably found out things about each other during your first face to face meeting, than you could have ever found out while using your dating agency messaging service, no matter how many months you spent messaging or using online matchmaking services.

To decide when to leave your dating agency service behind and enter the 'real' world is a matter of mutual agreement. It is quite likely that one of you will be ready to make this change sooner, while the other will want to think about it, indicating that she or he is not quite ready. Some gentle hints may help you along and you may start phoning, or you may not, in which case just stay with your online dating service and continue messaging.

It is usually a good idea not to use any pressure to get a decision. The person who wants to move on sooner could start the ball rolling by giving the other person his or her phone number, perhaps with a comment 'when you feel like it, please phone me'. Then again he or she should patiently continue online dating and messaging. The ball is now with the other person, who is free to decide to phone or not to phone. If that person decides to go ahead and phone then all is well, as both of you remained in full control of the relationship. If there is no phone call, you may still stay with your dating agency and continue messaging while waiting for the phone call to arrive.